Michael and Abigail Lamyman

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Michael Lamyman Hand Surgery Oxford Reading Henley London

Hand Surgery

Oxford, London, Reading and Henley

The hand is an intricate anatomical structure and acts as the instrument of the mind, allowing us to interact with the world and impart our will upon it.  When the hand is not functioning as it should, it can be a cause of significant pain and distress.

Michael Lamyman has extensive training and experience treating conditions and injuries affecting the hand and wrist.

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Abigail Lamyman Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon Buckinghamshire Oxford

ENT and Rhinoplasty Surgery


As a consultant otolaryngologist, Abigail treats general problems affecting the ear, nose and throat. She has a particular interest and specialist experience in the nose and sinuses. This includes rhinoplasty surgery to correct deformities of the external and internal architecture the nose to improve breathing and  appearance.  

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