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Due to its key role in life, work and sporting activities the hand and wrist are vulnerable to trauma. This may involve any of the structures that make up the hand.


Due to the intricate anatomy lacerations to the hand do not have to be deep to cause a tendon injury or nerve injury requiring tendon repair or nerve repair.

Blows to the hand can cause breaks (fractures) in one of the many bones making up the hand and wrist. Some hand fractures can be treated with strapping or splints. Others may require surgery to realign and fix the bones with wires, screws or plates.

Ligament injuries result when a joint is forced to move beyond its normal range and the stabilising structures tear or rupture. Some ligament injuries can be treated with strapping or splinting. Others require surgical repair.

Following an injury where there may be structural damage the hand or wrist, the first step is a review in the emergency department of your local hospital where x-rays can be undertaken if required and any first aid measures such as wound cleaning and dressing can be undertaken. Following this, you may be referred by the emergency department staff to a hand trauma unit for further assessment and treatment.

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